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Colouroos, Anna McGregor (author, illus.), Hachette Australia, Lothian Children’s Books, March 2019.


Deep in the heart of the Red Centre lived a mob of red kangaroos.

During a long, hot drought, the thirsty roos went searching for water.

When three different mobs of kangaroos come to the same waterhole, they aren’t sure what to make of each other. But they soon discover that they’re more alike than they thought.

A colourful and very Australian celebration of diversity.



It surely doesn’t get more vibrant and refreshing than this! With energy, soul, bounce and vitality on multiple levels, Colouroos is a book that bleeds deep; artistically, culturally, and emotionally. Anna McGregor has literally bounded onto the scene with her debut picture book that, since it’s arrival, has been welcomed and applauded for its pure joy, brilliance and acuity.

Anna cleverly introduces her young readers to Australia’s iconic kangaroo and some key national landscapes through the use of colour (primary colours). The mob of red kangaroos start the journey from the Red Centre (Uluru) in search of water. Meanwhile, the thirsty blue roos from the Blue Mountains hop on their way, and the yellow roos stir from their slumber amongst the golden sands of the Gold Coast to find their source of refreshment. Along their paths we are delighted by items, objects and treasures of corresponding colour, which further enhance the visual literacy and cultural nuances cleverly interweaved to facilitate thought and discussion. The three mobs of roos eventually migrate at the same waterhole, and slowly come to realise their similarities despite their obvious differences. And with a beautiful dance of colour amidst twinkling skies and many moons, the secondary colours are born – that’s right, extraordinary bundles of purple, orange and green joy arrive and absolutely delight us with their rainbow of adorable playfulness and inextricable bonding moments. Touching, philosophical and eye-opening all at the same time.

Anna, both an astounding writer and talented illustrator, has brilliantly combined a multitude of elements that make for an engaging, interactive and thoughtful read. The rhythm of the narrative is spot on, and she has also utilised repetition, alliteration and rebuses for auditory and visual comprehension. Her multi-media combination of watercolour and digital artwork gloriously sets the tone with brightness, light and shade that also astutely represent the underlying messages of multicultural togetherness and community harmony, and environmental considerations. And I must make mention of the canvas-feel cover with silky-embossed roos – Anna has really thought of everything!

Colouroos is a beautifully light-hearted and moving tale, and is such a superb example of uniqueness, fun, freshness and effervescence, all rolled together with meaning, heart and humour. Highly recommended for children aged three and up, who will literally jump for joy over this book.

Review by Romi Sharp.

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