#BookReview: Love Me, Love My ADHD, Chrissie Davies (author), Trish Burton (illus.), Chaos to Calm Consultancy, April 2023.


Welcome to the world of Clancy and Tully – they see the world a little differently and in the most amazing ways!

Love Me, Love My ADHD is a heartwarming book that shines a light on the world of children (and families) living with ADHD.

Focusing on the strengths and challenges that come with being an ADHDer, this book emphasises that ADHD is not a one-size-fits-all experience and that no two ADHDers are the same.

Even on their hardest days, our ADHDers have something valuable to offer, and we should always celebrate our differences. Now you can spend a day in the life of these kids and see how their family, friends, and peers support them to achieve their best.


Love Me, Love My ADHD: Bright, colourful, eye-catching, impressive. First impressions matter. But do they, always? This book is all of these things (and more!), and it’s also a reminder that we should look deeper because herein lies the understanding that each individual is unique – children with ADHD are not all the same. Each individual is on their own self-discovery journey. Each individual has the ability to do their own incredible things! Each individual living with ADHD, or any other neurodiversity, are just that – individuals. I love that this important picture book; Love Me, Love My ADHD, highlights the strengths and strategies applicable to embracing, supporting and championing these children in meaningful, non-judgemental and individual ways.

Child behaviour expert and neurodiversity advocate, author Chrissie Davies, has penned an energetic, interactive text, combined with positive and interesting fact boxes, about two siblings with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) navigating their school day. Through the storytelling of illustrator Trish Burton’s vibrant, ‘sensational’ and inclusive sequences and layouts, we learn about Clancy and Tully’s daily routine with the help of their family, friends and supporting adults.

The text is rich and sophisticated, which is so important for giving readers the accuracy and language to comprehend and share what they’ve learnt about ‘the incredible ADHD brain’. With terms like, ‘executive functioning’, ‘proprioceptive’, ‘interoceptive’ and ‘vestibular’, this book provides a complete picture of the brain’s systems. At the same time, it offers insights into the associated emotions and behaviours that readers can relate to. Burton’s eruptive volcanoes and angry storm clouds appear on the hard days, but beautiful, colourful rainbows, smiles and giggles are shown as reminders of the amazingness that shines from inside each and every one of us!  

Love Me, Love My ADHD is an absolutely affirming, uplifting and beautiful resource that acts as both a fun and relatable reading (and learning) experience for a wide age range of children, but also as an empowering and valuable treasure for adults. Having this book in your collection will be a life changer. Completely LOVE!

Final note: Chrissie Davies shares encouraging messages for families and educators to RADICALLY EMBRACE life with ADHD children – to work with their brains in positive ways. “I want the world to understand that our ADHD children are not problems that need fixing … All children radiate beautiful colours in their own brilliant ways, and I truly hope that this book will also inspire you to see them for who they are.”

Review by Romi Sharp.

Chrissie can be found at her website: https://www.chaostocalmconsultancy.com/ and on social media at Facebook Instagram 

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  • Norah

    What a brilliant review for a brilliant book.

    • Just Write For Kids

      Thanks so much, Norah! Totally agree that this is a brilliant and valuable book to own. x

      • Norah

        I’ve shared it with a few others who agree. 🙂

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          Thanks so much, Norah! xx

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            My pleasure.

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