#BOOKREVIEW: Love Me, Love My ADHD by Chrissie Davies and Trish Burton

#BookReview: Love Me, Love My ADHD, Chrissie Davies (author), Trish Burton (illus.), Chaos to Calm Consultancy, April 2023. Blurb: Welcome to the world of Clancy and Tully – they see the world a little differently and in the most amazing ways! Love Me, Love My ADHD is a heartwarming book that shines a light on […]

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Would You Love to WIN Love Me, Love My ADHD by Chrissie Davies?

‘ADHD kids are pretty amazing! They have a special way of thinking that’s different from their neurotypical friends, which can sometimes make them feel like they don’t fit in. But don’t worry; with the right support from family, friends and peers, ADHD kids can do incredible things!‘ – Chrissie Davies Love ME, Love my ADHD encourages […]

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The Brilliance of Chrissie Davies and Love Me, Love My ADHD

The vibrant and valuable picture book, Love Me, Love My ADHD, relays an important message. Through a combined fun and factual narrative, siblings Tully and Clancy share their typical day navigating and celebrating their ADHD. Infused with the energy of child behaviour expert and author, Chrissie Davies, and the colourful liveliness from illustrator and designer […]

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