The vibrant and valuable picture book, Love Me, Love My ADHD, relays an important message. Through a combined fun and factual narrative, siblings Tully and Clancy share their typical day navigating and celebrating their ADHD. Infused with the energy of child behaviour expert and author, Chrissie Davies, and the colourful liveliness from illustrator and designer Trish Burton, this much-needed resource is already winning hearts and minds across the nation.

Chrissie Davies is a child behaviour expert, trauma informed educator, consultant, writer, guest speaker, loving mama of two, and passionate advocate for understanding neurodivergent children. She is committed to empowering and supporting families to live their life with radical acceptance, curiosity, playfulness and a bucket load of love. She lives with her husband and young family on the Surf Coast of Victoria.

Chrissie’s first picture book is Love Your Brain, followed by her recent release, Love My, Love My ADHD.

Chrissie can be found at her website: and on social media at Facebook Instagram 

Published by Chaos to Calm Consultancy.

Trish Burton is a Melbourne based artist, illustrator and educator with a dedication to inspiring creativity in others and creating artworks and illustrations that captivate audiences and set brands apart.

She skillfully manages to add a little piece of her magnetic personality to all she creates through her love of pattern and colour.

Trish is an Artist, Illustrator, Educator and lover of everything creative!

Trish can be found at her website:

On social media on Instagram.

Chrissie Davies shares her vision and inspiration for Love Me, Love My ADHD

Love Me, Love My ADHD is written by child behaviour expert Chrissie Davies and illustrator Trish Burton, who want to help kids, families, and teachers understand the strengths of neurodivergent children. The book is about a family that loves and accepts their kiddos just the way they are rather than who others want them to be. The book shows just how differently this complex neurotype can present for individuals. Even on their hardest days, our ADHDers have something valuable to offer, and we should always celebrate our differences.

Through this story, young readers will learn that no matter where they go, there will always be people who love and appreciate their unique energy, vibe, and amazing mind.

So, let’s all come together and celebrate our differences because, with love, support, and patience, our amazing ADHD kids can do anything they set their brilliant minds to!

“I want the world to understand that our ADHD children are not problems that need fixing. Their brains are uniquely wired, meaning they see things through a unique lens. This is probably why they’re always hanging upside down, or spinning, rolling, moving, and grooving with such fabulous gusto.  

ADHD kids have so much to say, and they’re so incredibly curious about the world they live in. With unique ways of getting things done, ADHD’ers are SO much more than the behaviours we see on the surface. Dig a little deeper, and you will find loving, kind, clever kids longing to be loved for who they are, not who the world expects them to be.  

When we understand how these brains process information, we can harness their strengths and interests and provide them with the right supports.

We can learn to EMBRACE the amazing colours they radiate and help them shine bright like beautiful rainbows.”

Congratulations, Chrissie, for your dedication and care for this important work in helping children and families to find the right loving support and to recognise their strengths.

Love Me, Love My ADHD is available for purchase at:

Chaos to Calm Consultancy

Join this bright and colourful campaign with Chrissie Davies and her empowering and valuable picture book, Love Me, Love my ADHD, captivating readers across the blogosphere!

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