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You Can Be A Writer, Teena Raffa-Mulligan (author), Sea Song Publications, February 2021.


Anyone can write stories. You can too!

Writing stories is like having an adventure.

This book will lead you on your own story adventure.

Imagination is your passport. It can take you anywhere.

Start with an idea… choose your characters… decide where they live and when their story takes place… think about what could happen to them.

Follow the simple instructions in this book and write your own story to share.


What I like most about this book are the underpinnings of some major foundations that make a picture book successful. These include its ability to engage, its ability to provoke thought, and its ability to leave a lasting impression. You Can Be A Writer does all of these. In its non-traditional sense of the picture book tale, Teena Raffa-Mulligan has allowed the reader to become the writer of this very book… and many more books to come! By setting out the storytelling and writing process in a step-by-step guide with enticing prompts, children are actively involved, participating, using their imaginations and are left more knowledgeable and inspired long after their initial read. Brilliant!

Teena Raffa-Mulligan begins with the encouragement that anyone can be a writer. Everyone has a story to tell. And stories are fun adventures that can literally lead you anywhere you want to go. We discover that imagination and ideas are the key… or the seeds, as you will, that can be found in a myriad of places, and with a little TLC can be nurtured and grown into something magnificent. The book then follows the format of the process; leaving space, and literal and visual prompts to help the young writer understand and put into practice the elements of story writing. Planning a story involves consideration of the characters, the setting, the mood or tone of the story, the problem/s and how they might be resolved. Handy tips for editing and fine-tuning their stories are also well-placed. The book is written in language that is both instructional and speaks directly to the reader with enthusiasm and motivation.

Combined with fun and simple illustrations and graphics dotted throughout that act as supporting prompts for the text, You Can Be A Writer is a motivational resource that is open for aspiring budding primary school-aged writers, as well as parents and educators wanting to support their literacy journey. A valuable, interactive tool stimulating sparks of creativity!

Review by Romi Sharp


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