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Bruno’s Literacy Activities

Bruno the Boisterous Blue Dog from the Bush has a plethora of literacy and language connections to explore. From alliteration to finding the definitions of Aussie slang, and discovering language conventions in the book like adjectives / nouns / verbs. Here are a few educational ideas to follow your language reading experience.


Read the title. What do you notice about the words in the title? Lots of words in a sentence beginning with the same letter is called ‘alliteration’. Can you make up a sentence with words all starting with ‘b’?

As you read, you will notice many words starting with ‘b’. Can you point to them or make a list? Which ones are difficult to say? Which ones make you question their meaning?

What are adjectives? What are verbs? What are nouns? Can you say, point or write down some of each? Can you think of synonyms or similes for some of these words?

Find the parts where Bob is speaking. Why does he speak in this particular way? What do you know about this kind of dialect? What Aussie phrases or words have you heard before? Which ones in the book are unfamiliar?


Activity 1: Alliteration, Poetry and Word Searches

The template of Bruno may be used for many purposes –

  • Write a short poem. This may be of Bruno, or your own dog, or any topic you like. Extend the challenge with an alliterated poem.
  • Write an acrostic poem. Use the letters, B – R – U – N – O, or a name of your choice to describe this dog.
  • Adjective search. Look in the book to find describing words (ie. bloated, beefier, bouncy, bandy, etc). Write these all around the picture of Bruno.
  • Verb search. Look in the book to find phrases that describe actions (ie. ¬†boil up bore water and bathe, breaking in brumbies, bundling brushwood and branding bullocks.). Write these on the lines inside Bruno.


Activity 2: Aussie Slang Word Search

Discuss the meanings of the words on the list and more in the book. Complete the wordsearch relating to Bruno the Boisterous Blue Dog from the Bush below.

Activity 3: Script Writing

Get into character with Bob, an Aussie bloke, and Bruno, a boisterous bitser to write a play about one or two scenes from the book. Perhaps it’s the part about bailing up the bantams, or when Bruno tried broccoli and bisque in the ballroom. Remember to use as much Aussie lingo as you can. Act it out!


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And be sure to find brilliant teaching notes at Big Sky Publishing.

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