Celebrate the small steps.

champagneThere are many quotes about celebrating the small steps.

There is no one giant step that does it, it’s a lot of little steps. (Peter A Cohen)

While working to attain your goal, don’t forget to pause and celebrate the little victories along the way. (Unknown)

Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching your goal. (Unknown)


My first celebration was the first time I saw my name in print. I popped the champagne cork, rang my Aunty in Queensland and ordered three copies (one of which my mum still displays on her fridge).

That’s Life Mum’s Club

that's life 2

Yep, I was published. Okay it was in a community magazine and yes it was only one sentence with one photo.

I wasn’t expecting my first step to be a published author visiting schools and libraries around Australia, after all I would have looked silly if I had a That’s Life magazine to show for my effort.

But this first step gave me a sense of belief in myself. Even though it was only an image and quote in a That’s Life magazine, there was someone out there who had read what I had written and liked it enough to be published.

My words, my picture, my name.

that's life 3


Seeing my words, my picture and my name, gave me the confidence to begin sharing my writing with others. Who knows where my writing would be if I hadn’t celebrated the first step and shared my success with others. It could still be locked away in notebooks, tucked under my bed.

Whatever your first success is, celebrate it, enjoy the fact that you are moving forward.

Your first success towards becoming a writer could be:

  • Adding the hashtag #onwriting to your tweets
  • Joining an online writers group
  • Putting pen to paper
  • Setting up a writing space
  • Buying a notebook
  • Waking up in the morning and telling yourself you are going to write
  • Allowing yourself to think about your writing dreams
  • Being published in a local paper or community magazine
  • Setting up a Facebook Page

“Success comes in a variety of sizes. Celebrate them all, no matter how small.” Jenny Graham

Feel free to share below your first success no matter how big or small and we will celebrate with you.

2 thoughts to “Celebrate the small steps.

  • Susan Day

    It’s always important to celebrate those small steps. Thank you, Jenny, for reminding me! Sometimes I am so focused on the next step I forget to stop and give myself a little pat on the back (which usually takes the shape of chocolate!). We become successful by a million small steps. My favourite saying is “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” It reminds me that these tiny steps are all taking me to where I want to go and where I should be.

  • Melissa

    Celebrating the small steps is so important and one that we often forget to do. Thanks for the reminder to keep on celebrating 🙂


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