Finding the Right Editor for You.

What makes a good Editor? I currently work with youth with special needs. My role is to teach these students literacy in their homes in the hope to re-engage them into school life and learning. When I sit with them I tick lots and as yet have never used a cross. I tick if they put a READ MORE

My best, worst feedback.

I am a writer. I love writing. Am I any good? I don’t know. When I began writing I craved feedback. I wanted to find out whether my writing was good enough to go the next step or an enjoyable past time. I attended a Writer’s Workshop in Port Hedland hoping no-one I knew attended.  The presenter, the READ MORE

CBCA Statistics

Book Week is amongst us and there are schools around Australia enthralled with the Children’s Book Council of Australia awards books. Last Friday while we were  congratulating the winners, some Australian authors, illustrators and publishers were planning their book for the next year’s awards. After attending Jane Parsons’ presentation and writing the article, ‘Judging the Judges’ READ MORE

CBCA Judging the Judges.

  I attended a presentation at my local library by Children’s Book Council of Australia judge, Jane Parsons. I went with the intention of writing about the presentation. I had pen and notepad ready, however what I didn’t have was a focus. I could write about the shortlisted books, the process, the awards, the statistics, READ MORE

Celebrate the small steps.

Celebrate the small steps. There are many quotes about celebrating the small steps. There is no one giant step that does it, it’s a lot of little steps. (Peter A Cohen) While working to attain your goal, don’t forget to pause and celebrate the little victories along the way. (Unknown) Don’t wait until you’ve reached READ MORE