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What a delight to witness this in-depth conversation between author and character; delving deep into the thoughts and feelings of a boy once on the outer, and what that was like to never really be a part of the fun. Thanks, Teena and Dan for sharing the development of your story.

Teena: Hi Dan, we’ve come a long way together since you visited me in that dream all those years ago.

Dan: Yup. I didn’t think it would take that long to turn my story into a book for other kids to read.

Teena: Neither did I, but some stories take a while to become what they need to be. At last Solo Dan is here and people want to know more about you.

Dan: I’m Famous Dan as well as Solo Dan and Lucky Dan!

Teena: You are, though I didn’t know that was your name when you told me your story in a dream and showed me how you felt. You were always the outsider kid, watching other families have fun and that didn’t feel good. Why did you pretend you didn’t care?

Dan: It was easier. Sometimes I even believed it myself.

Teena: What else made you feel better about being you?

Dan: Skateboarding, with the wind in my face…sky watching (I like clouds)…and trees – up high in the branches or sitting on the ground with my back against the trunk, I didn’t feel on my own.


Teena: Trees are special to me too. I’m glad they helped you feel better. Why did you want your story told?

Dan: I wanted people to know that sometimes what kids are showing on the outside is not what they’re feeling on the inside. And what they say they don’t want might be the thing they want most in the world.

Teena: You wanted a home and to be a part of your own special family. What did you think that might be?

Dan: A place where I can be me and who I am is OK. A place where no matter what happened away from home, it would always feel like a good place to come back to.

Teena: That sounds like the best kind of home to have. It’s taken a while but you’ve now found your forever home. This is a pretty exciting day for you with the family barbecue being organised so you can meet all the relatives.  How are you feeling?

Dan: A little bit scared. Mostly excited. And lucky! I’m not on my own anymore. I’ve gotta go now. Everyone’s waiting for me. See ya!

Teena: ‘Bye, Dan. Thanks for the chat.


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