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Learn the Art to Coping with Change with Edie.

Although only a young child, Edie shows great resilience after her beloved Granny suffers from a stroke. Today she’s here to share her feelings and provide readers the insights to dealing with challenging situations such as this. It’s an absolute pleasure to welcome Edie! 😘 🌷

Hi there Edie,
Thank you for talking with us about your relationship with your Granny.

I understand your Granny is very special to you. What is it about her that makes her one in a million?

My Granny is amazing because she tells the greatest stories, with puppets and dress-ups and all sorts of fun stuff. She also gives the best hugs in the whole world. I love that they are tight and soft at the same time. She loves me more than anyone and I love her.

Can you tell us about the feelings you experienced when seeing the changes in your Granny after her stroke?

After Granny got sick, she didn’t seem like my Granny any more. Her face looked different and I couldn’t understand what she was saying. Usually, my Granny has lots of energy. She’s strong and can stand up to people if she needs to. The lady in the hospital wasn’t like that at all. I was scared.

What were the things said or done that made you feel a bit better about her condition? Do you have any advice or words of comfort for others going through the same kind of situation?

The doctor and Mama tried to explain what had happened to Granny but I didn’t really understand. Mostly, I felt better when I realised that Granny and I could still have fun together, even though we had to do things differently. Instead of Granny telling me stories, now I read stories to her. And Granny still makes me laugh more than anyone.

My advice to other people would be that if someone you love is sick, it’s okay if you feel scared. It might take you a little while to get used to the way things have changed, and that’s okay too. Try to find some special things that you can still share. My Granny can’t do everything she did before, but we have fun in different ways. I like to help her with her dinner and she lets me eat the jelly.

What do you like about the art therapy sessions your Granny and the other patients are involved in?

I like the art classes because they are something special that Granny and I can do together. We get to use lots of bright colours and nobody complains if I make a mess. I’m pretty excited that our painting is going to be in an exhibition.

What’s the most special painting or art work you have given and/or received?

One day, when Mama and I were in the city, a man in the street drew a picture of me in charcoal and Mama bought it from him. Nobody had ever drawn my picture before, and Mama and I put it in an album to keep it safe.

How has life changed for you and your family since Granny entered the hospital? How often do you get to visit her?

Things are very different. Mama and I go to the hospital every day to visit Granny. Granny used to look after me, but now, Mama and I need to look after her. When she leaves the hospital, Granny is going to come and live at our house. I can’t wait!

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You can find out more at www.katesimpsonbooks.com. Please do stop by!

Thank you for being so open and honest with us, Edie! 😊

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