Conference Camaraderie

One of the elements in my Writer’s Action Matrix earlier in the year was to attend a conference or festival. Well, it seems like festival season at the moment for Kid’s Lit. There’s heaps to choose from – check out the events section of this website! I was fortunate enough to secure tickets to the […]

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In Literacy we Trust

Last month we gave a shout out to several amazing Australian literacy foundations that tirelessly advocate for and celebrate children’s literacy skills. Today we’ll get behind some wonderful educational initiatives fostering positive and engaging reading and learning experiences. Hail to educators and their passion for literacy development!!! Kids’ Book Review is a terrific resource for […]

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Dedicated to Literacy Foundations

At Just Write For Kids our mission is to share and provide the community with relevant and interesting news, information and wisdom about the Australian children’s literature industry. We aim to support our home-grown authors and illustrators on their journey towards creating the best literature so that stimulating resources are readily available and a love […]

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