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imageJust Write For Kids is thrilled to have award-winning children’s resilience author, Karen Tyrrell, joining us once again (see our previous meeting here) to delve further into the benefits and learning possibilities of her second illustrated novel in the Super Space Kids series. Fantastically illustrated by Trevor Salter, Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra is an action-packed comedy space adventure for children between 7-12.

Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra Description

Blast off with gadgets, robots and funky food in a hilarious outer space adventure that enlightens you with STEM science, the power of teamwork, problem solving, and resilience.
image“Reluctant hero, Jo-Kin never wanted to be a Super Space Kid. Not until Lord Terra kidnaps his Commander’s little sister and starts destroying the galaxy. Jo-Kin reunites the mighty Super Space Kids for an inter-planetary hunt for Lord Terra, finally meeting in a legendary winner takes all battle on Planet Deelish-us.
Can Jo-Kin defeat the all-powerful Lord Terra face to face?”

Jo-Kin Battles the It and Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra (Super Space Kids) are out NOW on Amazon and in book shops across the galaxy including Dymocks. Purchase at the links.

How to Create Teacher Resources

Thanks, Karen for joining us today to share your valuable tips and ideas on effectively utilising your books in the classroom.

What social skills and life strategies does your new release, Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra offer to its readers? What do you hope your audience will gain from this book?

Kids giggle as they turn the pages of Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra enjoying an action-packed adventure. At the same time, kids are immersed into positive messages of resilience and perseverance, through the power of humour, teamwork and problem solving.

imageJo-Kin Battles the It and Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra teaches kids that STEM science, space, and astronomy are FUN. Kids can perform hands-on science experiments making science come alive.

Download FREE teacher notes and kids activities including STEM, creative writing, and problem solving activities based on humour, teamwork and family. Download HERE.

What advice or ideas can you offer teachers wanting to develop a unit of study based on Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra or the Jo-Kin series?

Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra is perfect for a unit of study on STEM, astronomy and space with extra Kids Matter themes of brain power, humour, resilience, bullying, teamwork, self-esteem, family and friendship. Creative writing: science fiction genre or humour genre.

Step 1: Read Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra to yourself and to your class … available on Amazon and book shops. Read one chapter out loud per day during a guided reading lesson.

Step 2: Discuss the story, the characters and the plot with the class. What part of the story is science fiction? What parts are science?

imageStep 3: Children and the teacher perform science experiments activities as shown on the STEM sheets…on gravity, moon phases, the earth’s rotation around the sun, planets, crater Moon Habitat, comets, seasons, calendar, make a rocket.

Step 4: Children write their own science fiction stories based on story starter sheets: How to Build a Spaceship, An Alien, A Robot, A Monster. Plus they complete the teamwork, humour and family sheets.

How do you present engaging and hands on STEM learning experiences for students through your books and school visits?

The teacher develops a unit of work on a space based theme for their year level. (Earth, Moon, Sun, Solar System, Space Travel etc). They search for engaging fiction books and resources that help meet their curriculum goals. Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra and my FREE teacher resources help support these goals. Generally its teachers who plan hands-on activities in science lessons adhering to health and safety standards.

imageA visiting author could present an experiment (with the teacher’s approval) as a discussion starter for their space themed book. More likely, a visiting author could teach creative writing teaching story starters, story structure and visualization techniques.

Authors create teacher notes and activities as an enticement for schools and teachers to buy their books. Check out my STEM activities HERE.

What’s the process of creating Teacher Resources?

Research curriculum topics and themes that arise from your book. Google FREE teacher resources notes and kids activities, resources already created for similar fiction books, individualize, modify or give credit. Be inspired by resources created by teachers, parents, authors. Create your own activities in WORD with the same header & footer then group them into similar topics to make a PDF roll. SAVE them to your website page by uploading them like a picture file.

What is a powerful lesson you’ve learned from being a writer and how do you translate this wisdom to young writers?

Being a writer is all about perseverance and NOT giving up. I make a promise that each story will be the VERY best it can be. I try to have FUN writing my story and presenting it to kids with costumes and humour.

Karen, thank you for including us in your amazing blog tour and book giveaway! All the best! 🚀 😈

Karen Tyrrell can be found at her website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra Blog Tour 23 May–I June

To celebrate Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra launch Karen is hosting Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra Blog Tour and Book Giveaway. Co-hosts will share out-of-this-world book reviews, interviews and blog posts.

Karen will zoom away signed copies of her book Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra and galactic prizes via the websites below. Please leave a comment on the websites to WIN.

23 May Amazon & Blog Tour Launch
24 May Writing Kids Comedy, Melissa Wray
25 May Create a Powerful Hero Character, Alison Stegert
26 May Creating Teacher Resources, Romi Sharp
27 May Book Review, Robyn Opie Parnell
30 May Book Review, Jill Smith
31 May Creating Themes in Kids Books, Kate Foster
1 June Illustrate a Children’s Novel, June Perkins

Book Giveaway

WIN two signed copies of Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra OR 3 eBooks OR signed artwork from illustrator, Trevor Salter.

For a chance to WIN prizes … Just leave a comment on any of the above websites.

REMEMBER: Leaving comments on more than one site, increases your chances to WIN a prize.

Winners announces on 6th of June. Good luck J
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6 thoughts to “Karen Tyrrell’s Top Teaching Tips for Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra

  • karenwrites19

    Thanks Romi,
    For your out-of-this-world interview and post on creating teacher resources for a children’s book.
    Can’t wait to hear all your readers comments … so I can give away copies of Jo-kin vs Lord Terra and artwork.

    Thanks so much for supporting children’s writing here at Just Kids Lit … Karen Tyrrell.
    PS don’t forget to download FREE teacher resources for Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra #STEM

    • Just Write For Kids

      Thank you Karen for providing such in-depth responses and fantastic ideas for creating teacher resources for Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra. It’s been a pleasure having you on the blog!
      All the best,
      Romi 🙂

  • Megan Higginson

    Hi, Karen. I love your ideas for free teacher resources to be included, and instructions on how to do that, as well as how to make it available on your website. I will be keeping this in mind. I am sure that the kids in classrooms across the nation, will love the activities that you have developed. Yay!

    • karenwrites19

      Thanks so much Megan,
      for supporting my teacher resources ideas, Thrilled you like them. Good luck with the book giveaway … Karen Tyrrell

  • Carla Beer

    It’s my pleasure Karen. Your work is inspiring and certainly fills a much needed void in our education system. Children will learn if shown the way on a level they can relate to and what better way than with humour and laughter? Show me a child that doesn’t laugh!! Keep up the good work. I hope one day to follow in your footsteps.

    • karenwrites19

      Thanks Carla,
      for dropping by here to check out my tips on creating Teacher Resources.
      You’re now in the running to win 2 signed copies, 3 ebooks and signed artwork.
      Winner announced on June 6… Good luck. Karen Tyrrell


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