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I’m sure you feel the same. When others are devoted to making a difference, it inspires us to do the same. This week, we are casting our focus on raising awareness and advocating for the reduction, and ultimately the elimination of pollution in our precious oceans and beautiful environment. With gratuitous thanks to author Elizabeth Mary Cummings for returning to our blog to celebrate and share her important new picture book, Ocean Devotion, co-created with Melissa Salvarani. We appreciate your support in following the journey. Enjoy! 🙂

In case you missed it, please watch Elizabeth introduce her latest book, Ocean Devotion.

Elizabeth Cummings’ love of nature led her to become an active and outspoken promoter of environmental issues; both through her writings and through her teaching. Elizabeth believes that the need to raise awareness and to demonstrate the principles of environmental activism are fundamental in the creation of a sustainable world for the future.

Elizabeth believes that our young people can help us understand our world and so her stories all start by exploring the world from a child’s perspective; that is to say that by taking a child’s view on a certain topic there becomes a ‘way in’ to new perspectives and a fresh way of seeing the world and the role of others in it. Elizabeth’s books are there to help children and adults alike find a way into new modes of thinking and new perspectives.

Elizabeth is an active CBCA NSW Branch member and co-collaborator of their latest anthology, Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds, amongst other wonderful events.

More about Elizabeth can be found at her website: Home – Elizabeth Mary Cummings

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Ocean Devotion is available for purchase at E.C.Press

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