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We always delight in having Teena Raffa-Mulligan on the blog. She has been a true and loyal supporter of Just Write For Kids and Books On Tour, so we are very excited and grateful for this opportunity to take one of her special books on tour! And this picture book, Who Dresses God? is special in so many ways. Can’t wait for you all to join us on this beautiful blog tour! 

Teena Raffa-Mulligan is a West-Australian author, who claims to be like a kid with a sense of adventure who comes out to play when she’s writing her stories and exploring the wonderland of imagination. Teena has been having fun with words for as long as she can remember. She writes whimsical and quirky stories for children of all ages and fun, flirty romances; her publications including poems, short stories, picture books, chapter books and a children’s novel. Her first published picture book was a stranger danger tale that was endorsed by the WA police and education departments of the day and used widely in schools around the country.

Her writing life has also included a long career in journalism, during which she has written countless articles on all manner of subjects and edited magazines, anthologies and newspapers. Teena now spends her days creating stories and sharing her passion for books and writing by presenting writing sessions to encourage children and adults to explore the world of their imagination.

Some of her most recent publications include Friends (Serenity Press), True Blue Amigos (Wild Eyed Press), Catnapped! and Best Beast (Xist Publishing), with Who Dresses God? being recently re-leased in 2018 as a new edition.

Learn more fun facts about Teena in this short video clip…

And get into the spirit of Who Dresses God? by viewing this little trailer…

Teena Raffa-Mulligan: website | blog | facebook | twitter | instagram

Who Dresses God?: website | Boomerang Books


Fly over to Boomerang Books for the first author interview of the tour with Teena Raffa-Mulligan!

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3 thoughts to “Introducing Teena Raffa-Mulligan and Who Dresses God?

  • Norah

    It’s lovely to meet, Teena, Romi. She is obviously a very versatile and accomplished writer. I enjoyed the videos, too. It’s such an engaging way of presenting the information.

    • Just Write For Kids

      Teena has achieved a lot in her many years of writing. Thank you for reading her background story. Thank you for the lovely compliment on the videos, too, Norah! 🙂 x

      • Norah

        It’s my pleasure, Romi.


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