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“Hand on my heart, a sparkle smile warms my lips for a little while.”


Do you have a family member (or more than one) that makes you feel safe, secure and loved? What does it mean to be loved? What does it feel like?

Have there been times when you felt scared, lonely, sad or nervous? Did you have someone to help you through those difficult feelings? What did they say? What did you do to make yourself feel better?

Were there times you felt brave? What sorts of things did you tell yourself?

What do you think the phrase, ‘hand on my heart, a sparkle smile warms my lips for a little while’ means? How do you think the little girl is feeling in this picture? How has the illustrator showed this feeling/s with her style and colours?


Explore some of the language conventions and literal meanings using the text from Kisses in Your Heart

Rhyming Words

Think of other rhyming words to go with: smile / while, and emotion words such as: pride, shy, sad, scared, worry, brave, and so on.

Creative Writing – 

Using the rhyming words you brainstormed, write your own short poem about a time you were brave or overcame a fear.

For younger children, draw a series of pictures / storyboard showing emotions changing in a courageous situation. Have an adult anecdote the feelings explained by the child.

Descriptive Phrases –

Discuss the meanings of the following phrases: ‘a sparkle smile warms my lips for a little while’, ‘I know the love that strongly burns’, and ‘glow with pride’.

Write your own phrase about what love feels like to you and draw a picture to match.

Visual Arts and Crafts / Emotional Development

Heart-Shaped Paperchains

Write or draw the things / people that you love or help you feel loved on separate hearts cut out as an accordion or strung together. Hang up to display, or gift to someone you love.

Here’s an example from Parents.com

Sonia’s Favourite Heart-Shaped Confetti –

With the children, cut out mini heart shapes from cardstock, patterned paper, fabric or foam sheets. Keep these in a special jar / container then discreetly place them in children’s lunchboxes, pockets, pencil cases, and so on, as empowering symbolic reminders that love (or kisses) follows them everywhere they go. They’re sure to be delighted and brave enough to face the day!

More fantastic teaching resources for Kisses in Your Heart can be found at the Big Sky Publishing website here.

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