Get Ready, Mama! is a must-have toolkit that guides its readers with all the necessary information (and hopefully the motivation) needed to getting up and ready, and getting others up and ready, for the day. The book touches on putting oneself in another’s shoes, mixed in with the amusement of a role reversal situation. Imagine having to get your Mama ready for work in the morning! Brilliantly penned by Sharon Giltrow, author of Bedtime Daddy!, combined with the shrewd illustrative talents of Arielle Li, Get Ready, Mama! offers plenty of teachable moments that are such a joy to learn.


Before Reading –

Have you ever felt like staying in bed and not getting ready for the day? What happened?
Who helped you?

What would you do to encourage your Mum or Dad to get out of bed and ready for the day?

List each step of your morning routine. Can you place these in order?

After Reading –

How did the story make you feel? Would you like to try a role reversal with one of your parents? Would you do anything differently in this situation?

How did the girl help her Mama get ready for work? What were her tasks, and how did she make Mama feel comforted? Do you think the girl was patient? How else might she react when Mama got distracted?

What are some helpful tools for being organised in the morning? (For example, a timetable, job chart, getting bag packed and clothes ready the night before, etc.)

How did the illustrations show the events of the morning rush and how the characters were feeling?

What’s your favourite thing to do with your Mama?


Routine Chart Ideas

Curriculum links: English Foundation to Year 2

(ACELA1447) (ACELA1463) (ACELT1575) (ACELT1578) (ACELT1584) (ACELT1591) (ACELY1648) (ACELY1650) (ACELY1658) (ACELY1660)(ACELY1670) (ACELT1833 )

Download, print and laminate the image below to use as a means of following a set of routines in the morning. Having a job chart available can be a great motivational tool for children to achieve successes with their independence, no matter how small. They will feel a sense of pride and encouragement to continue ticking the tasks off their list each day. And you may never be late to leave the house again!

The download can be used for the following ideas and games:

  • Receive a tick, gold star, coin (or another reward) for completing the morning routine chart
  • Identify each picture and say (or read) the task out loud
  • Find the pictures and tasks in the book, Get Ready, Mama! How many more can you find?
  • Cut out the task cards and sequence them in order of your own routine, or the one in the book
  • Print and laminate two copies to play a game of Memory or Snap
  • Make your own routine chart with your drawings and ways you get ready in the morning
  • Make up a routine chart for someone else, like your pet! Make one for another time of the day, like bedtime.

Special Things for Mama

Mamas (and Papas) work so hard to run the daily schedules as smoothly and efficiently as possible, as well as all the other tasks, errands and extra-curricula activities on the go. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, why not hint at some cute and creative gifts they can do for you! Some examples include:

  • Make breakfast for Mama – her favourite smoothie, bowl of porridge or muesli with yummy toppings, waffles or pancakes, or perhaps her favourite eggs on toast (or French toast)
  • Write or draw and place a special note in her bag to remind her of your love or a motivational message to brighten her day
  • Gift her a home-made voucher with a free pass for a particular task, like making her bed, or cuddles whenever she needs one!
  • Organise a special time to watch your favourite family TV show or movie together
  • Create your own ‘Get Your Mama Ready’ pack for Mum with some special pamper treats, like bath bombs, hand or face cream, lip gloss, a candle and / or chocolates, decorated with a beautiful picture or design
  • Paint and airdry a special design on a coffee mug or bowl for Mama to use every morning
  • Give her five more minutes of sleep!

BONUS! Find more teaching notes and activities at the EK Books website.  

Get Ready, Mama! is written by Sharon Giltrow, illustrations by Arielle Li. Published by EK Books. Notes prepared by Romi Sharp.

Reference: Australian Curriculum

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