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Renaissance Activities for Young Artisans

The word ‘Renaissance’ means rebirth – a new beginning after the fall of the Roman Empire. The era lasted around 250 years, starting in Italy around 1350 until around 1600. People became interested in literature, and including art and music.

Here are a few Renaissance-style activities that might inspire the artisan in you.

1. Grind Your Own Paint – Art Technique

To make your own paint, you will need to grind up pigment and mix it with whipped egg yolks and water. Imagine the toil artists endured having to manufacture their own paints in the past! The lesson below used shells and rocks to grind up different coloured chalk into a powder.

See Mama Scout for a lesson plan.

2. Choose Your Artist or Style to Paint – Art History

You may experiment with mixed media to create your masterpieces. From paint to torn paper, chalk, charcoal, pastels or collage, you are in control. Why not combine some elements to make a decoupage Mona Lisa like in the lesson below. It’s all about self expression! Add to your gift of creativity by writing a poem about your research into the subject.

The lesson also includes a charcoal wing project based on Leonardo Da Vinci, using card stock, black and white charcoal pencils. This one experiments with skills in shading and creating fine detail.

See Susan Evans’ website for the Mixing with the Masters lesson.

3. Sculpting Like Michelangelo – Renaissance Comprehension and Art Technique

Michelangelo is especially known for his sculpting of David and the Pieta. But you may choose any Renaissance element to work on, ideas including Commedia dell’Arte masks, famous models or a transformed animal from Columbine’s Tale. You will need clay sculpting tools and a bar of soap to carve your figure out of. The lesson below also includes a fun plaster of Paris activity to create your own fresco.

See Happy Home School Nest for these great ideas.


For more educational and craft activities please head to the Columbine’s Tale Pinterest Board.


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