Learning about Square Me, Round World

Square Me, Round World is an affirming collection of stories especially for neurodiverse children in the primary years (although many adults are finding themselves in these stories, too!). Written from a personal place, Autistic/ADHDer Psychologist and mum Chelsea Luker, together with the reflective/introspective illustrations by Eliza Fricker, gifts readers with the knowledge, understanding, acceptance and […]

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Sensory Seeking Activities for My Brain is Magic

My Brain is Magic: A Sensory-Seeking Celebration by Prasha Sooful and Geeta Ladi sweeps its readers along a fun-filled, fast-paced and slow-paced sensory adventure! This book beautifully highlights the emotions, behaviours, challenges and triumphs that are associated with the sensory processing neurotype, as playfully told by a young child in the book. Sensory activities can […]

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Choose Your Own Sensory Adventure with Prasha Sooful

Are you ready for an adventure? An adventure you can choose and control? Well, thanks to Prasha Sooful, author of My Brain is Magic; A Sensory-Seeking Celebration, here is the most EPIC ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ game – sensory style! Read the instructions and then download the full guidelines and your own special game cards […]

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The Battle: Fear Fighting Tasks for Young Battlers

#thebattle #bookcampaign #booksontourpr #day5 Drawing on the themes of overcoming fear and anxiety, bravery, friendship, perception and positive thinking in Ashling Kwok and Cara King’s The Battle, we will be focusing on some fun and effective strategies to guide children along the path to triumphing over their battles. Students will be able to identify their […]

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Hayden’s Bedtime Clock Craft
Hayden's Bedtime activities

#haydensbedtime #blogcampaign #booksontourpr #day5 Hayden’s Bedtime Clock Craft Combining aspects of bedtime routines, seeking comfort and telling the time, today we are going to create a piece that involves fine motor, mathematical and interpersonal skills. Using the literature to discuss the character’s feelings, and relating his routine to our own experiences, children will reflect a […]

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From the A to the E-Zine

As creators and educators in the children’s literature field we need support and up-to-date knowledge of the industry to help us continue, and succeed, on our writing and teaching journeys. With opportunities to have work published, profiles discovered and resources on hand, we applaud those generous literary magazines and e-zines that do just that. Buzz […]

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