Are you ready for an adventure? An adventure you can choose and control? Well, thanks to Prasha Sooful, author of My Brain is Magic; A Sensory-Seeking Celebration, here is the most EPIC ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ game – sensory style! Read the instructions and then download the full guidelines and your own special game cards to play the sensory exploration game the way you choose! Let’s go! 🙂

Choose Your Own Sensory Adventure:

A Resource for Educators and Families of Neurodiverse Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder

Welcome to “Choose Your Own Sensory Adventure!” This interactive resource is designed to support educators and families of neurodiverse children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). With this resource, you’ll embark on a thrilling journey where you can explore various sensory experiences, learn helpful strategies, and have fun together. Whether you’re an educator or a family member, get ready to dive into a world of sensory exploration!


  1. Start by selecting a character: You can choose from various characters, each representing a different child with different sensory needs (i.e., an avoider, a seeker or both). Each character has unique sensory preferences and challenges, allowing you to experience different perspectives.
  2. Begin your adventure: You’ll encounter a series of scenarios related to common environments. Each scenario will have sensory challenges and choices to make.
  3. Make choices: At key points in the adventure, choose the option that you feel comfortable with. Each choice will lead to different outcomes and learning opportunities.
  4. Learn and reflect: How did you feel? Do you want to change your decision?

Character 1: Captain Coral, the Adventurous Pirate

  • Sensory Profile: Captain Coral is a brave pirate with sensory seeking tendencies. They/he/she craves intense sensory input and is often seeking out thrilling experiences.

Character 2: Explorer Echo, the Cautious Discoverer

  • Sensory Profile: Explorer Echo is a gentle and quiet explorer with sensory sensitivity. They/He/she can be overwhelmed by sounds, lights and people and requires a calm environment.

Character 3: Astro Alex, the Curious Astronaut

  • Sensory Profile: Astro Alex is a curious astronaut with sensory modulation difficulties. They/He/she struggles with regulating sensory input and may exhibit both sensory seeking and sensory avoiding behaviours.

NEXT STEP: Download the complete instructions at the link below. It contains ideas for props and costumes, you will find out where the scenarios will take you and what choices you can make. PLUS, the game cards can be printed, laminated and cut to use over and over again!

Choose Your Own Sensory Adventure Instructions.

Developed by Prasha Sooful for My Brain is Magic: A Sensory-Seeking Celebration, illustrated by Geeta Ladi, published by Soaring Kite Books. Graphics presented by Books On Tour PR & Marketing.

Prasha Sooful can be found at her profile and Instagram.

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