In the last two posts on picture books, I explored what makes a successful book, and how best to utilise them. Today I’m reflecting on some past interviews with the very writers of those wonderful pieces of art, and more specifically, what creating these literary jewels means to them.

Which responses resonate most with you?

imageAuthor and illustrator, Renée Treml: “For many years I was unknowingly creating characters through my artwork – I kept drawing the same animals over and over and discovering their unique personalities. When I wrote my first story it felt like I was rewarding my favourite characters. It was so much fun.”

Author, Corinne Fenton: “I love being taken away with the words, those times when in my head I’m spinning and flying on a carousel horse, but really I’m at my desk staring into space.”

Author, Renee Price: “Since becoming a parent, my writing has become my joy and motivator because I’m writing for them. I love that there are no limits to story-writing. Take an idea, and let it soar. Be the child!”

“I think the thing I love most is traipsing in the world of the imagination.” – Anna Walker

imageAuthor, Kylie Westaway: “I’ve always wanted to write books for kids, whether that’s picture books or young adult… Setting up good morals and codes of behaviour (without being preachy or saint-like!) in books, helps kids know how to handle those sorts of situations when they get into them… I think that writing stories about people like Bruno is a great way of showing how you can empower children, and that’s something that I think is very important.”

Author, Victoria Lane: “What appeals to me the most about writing for children is the need to condense meaning into a picture book of limited word count. It is a challenge and a delight.”

imageIllustrator, Helene Magisson: “I love every step of that work from the research of the characters till the final colouring. The stories created for children can be so charming, surprising, touching. Discovering a children’s book is like a door opened to incredible worlds… It is a work of passion and it makes me happy.”

Author, Katrina Germein: “Writing makes me happy and I seem to write for children. I don’t know. It’s just what I do.”

imageAuthor and illustrator, Tania McCartney: “(I love) Everything. The initial concept, the research and development, the illustration process, the editing, design, layout – everything. Then there’s the reaction from kids. That’s just the best. To see kids resonate with or learn from your work… to see them scurry into a corner and sit with my books and devour every page. It’s insanely rewarding.”

Author and illustrator, Anna Walker: “I think the thing I love most is traipsing in the world of the imagination. It is very exciting to take a character that you can see in your mind and create a reality for them, to bring them to life so to speak… I believe in the picture book being a true art form and think children deserve the time and consideration put into the books they are reading.”

imageAuthor, Ellie Royce: “I would have to say that I really, really love the picture book art form. I believe stories can change the world… It can encompass any concept no matter how complex in a simple way… (Younger children) enter into the storytelling experience and totally become one with the story. It’s a beautiful thing!”

Author, Longy Han: “Every time I pen a story, I feel liberated – like a kid again where curiosity knows no bounds, imagination runs free and absurdity is accepted, treasured and enjoyed.”

imageAuthor, Katrina McKelvey: “Writing for children gives me permission to play with words. I get to play with the sound of them and the look of them too. I get to make up characters and journey with them as they do amazing things. I get to connect with children on a very deep level and have fun with them too.”


Any other authors or illustrators who would like to share their thoughts on writing / illustrating for children, feel free to comment below! 🙂

For the full interviews of the above authors and illustrators (and more), please head to my Boomerang Books Author Profile.

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