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A writing session unto itself, to teach budding writers how to structure stories, incorporate all the necessary elements, and inject sparks of imagination, You Can Be A Writer opens up a plethora of literacy and language opportunities for primary school-aged children. From setting up for writing, to planting and sowing the idea seeds, to fleshing out characters and storylines and being an editing story inspector, each task can be broken down into simple and fun steps as a part of the writing process. Here, we’ll explore a few activities to help with the start, and the end, of the creative writing adventure.

*You Can Be A Writer is written by Teena Raffa-Mulligan, published by Sea Song Publications.


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Ages 6 -12 years


*The full set of You Can Be A Writer teaching and learning activities, (with BLM worksheets) can be downloaded at Teena’s website here.


Writing Set-Up

(ACELY1661)  (ACELY1671)

Decorate the front of a notebook that can be used to jot ideas, sketches and stories. Include a title (____’s Writing Journal), and a title page with ‘About Me’ information.

Some examples…



Becoming a Story Gardener – Idea Plant

(ACELA1443) (ACELA1447)  (ACELA1453) (ACELA1454) (ACELA1460) (ACELA1463) (ACELA1470)  (ACELT1581) (ACELT1582) (ACELT1584) (ACELT1589)  (ACELT1591)

Ideas are everywhere! Discuss where we can find ideas, and how we can grow them. On leaf shapes, write down places where ideas can be found. For example, in your imagination, feelings about an event, from memories, dreams, TV / movies, books, songs, other people, and so on. Paste all the leaves onto a large paper stem.

At the top of the stem, paste a flower shape with six petals. This is the fertiliser to grow your ideas. In each petal write the questions; Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? and in the middle; What if?

Display and use as a reference when writing stories, or include a small version in each student’s writing notebook.



Punctuation Puppets

(ACELA1449) (ACELA1465)

“It’s time to be a story inspector.”

Use or make a magnifying glass to find the different punctuation marks in the book, You Can Be A Writer. What do they represent? Point out some full stops, commas, question marks, exclamation marks, ellipses, colons. Are there any others that you know?

Make punctuation stick puppets to use with your own sentences. Begin with a question mark, exclamation mark, comma and full stop. Where in the sentence can they go? Read your sentences aloud with intonation and expression!



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