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5. You need an idea!

Whaaaat! I hear you say! So late in the process!

You have already decided to create something from nothing haven’t you? Well, the actual idea of the topic or the subject matter doesn’t need to be determined until right now. Insane to shift the paradigm like this, but I am still struck with the bravado of Rachel Birmingham (4 Ingredients) when she said her goal was to be the Number One female author in Australia – she just hadn’t lifted a pen yet. She looked at the categories in the market selling, who was buying and what their number one ‘issue’ was. Cookbooks, busy women with no time… She needed a partner, enter cook Kim McCosker, and the rest, they say, is history!

I am going to be very lazy and simply link you now to Chapter One in my textbook ‘Child Writes: Creating a Children’s Picture Book is Child’s Play’. Don’t be distracted by the title! Having worked with hundreds and hundreds of children, the step by step methodology for creating a picture book is IDENTICAL to that used by adults!. I have simply used more appropriate examples for the different age groups.



Have fun!

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    This is a great resource. I can highly recommend it!


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