And I mean, EVERYBODY you plan to create a picture book. As soon as you offer your thoughts to the universe, your family and the lady next door, even the milkman, well, all of a sudden you are held accountable. Years ago, I mentioned I was passionate about the idea of creating a children’s book. One of the fathers at the Kindergarten, a professor at the local university, was dropping off his son. He heard, was interested, and even today – 15 years later, if I bump into him – he asks, ‘How is the book going?’ I know I will bump into him, and I know I have to have an answer…

The transparency will afford you a couple of extra bonuses. You are acting like a writer. You are talking like a writer. Now everyone will think you ARE a writer. This reinforcement is invaluable to your self esteem. You now approach this with the mindset that any professional would – like it is a business.

It is often said writers can’t make a living out of creating children’s picture books. I have to admit, I have a while to go before I am liberated from the incredible support of my husband. Still, I believe if you approach this as a business, say as a consultant, you will make this happen. If you work out the number of hours you are willing and able to work on your writing in a week, check out the rates for freelance writers on Seek (or equivalent jobs market information) and you determine how much it costs you to be a writer (overheads, insurance, workers compensation etc) then you have all the information you need to determine your hourly rate.

Too much? Okay, so you might only be approaching your writing from the perspective of a person with an interest in which you are passionate about? Well, shout about that as well! It is incredibly infectious to be in the same space as someone who has a passion!

Regardless, of your ambition, sharing is inviting caring! You will be amazed at the energy you garner from receiving all of this extra support and encouragement.

x Have fun!


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