There has never been a better time to be you, an aspiring writer happily pursuing the ultimate goal – a published book! It rolls off the tongue (or rather, rolls off the keyboard) yet it is, in reality, true. The world is yours – now go and get it.

10 steps to publication – guaranteed!

How can I make such a bold assertion? I can because it is true! You are just as justified in your pursuit of publication as the person next to you, as Stephen King or JK Rowling. Your words and ideas are important. There is no such thing as a bad book – it is merely some books are more popular and resonate with a larger audience than other books. If you are creating a book for your son or daughter or grandchild, it will be treasured. It may not warrant being reproduced in its thousands as such a personal gift – but it can be PUBLISHED!

If you are creating a book because it really is your calling to do this and you will continue to support yourself and your family as a writer – it can be PUBLISHED!

What is so glorious about today is these pathways are open, available and waiting for you… now get cracking! Each week I will share one of these magical steps. Like I say to the kids working with me in the Child Writes program, eating an elephant is easy – if you take one mouthful at a time 🙂


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