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The Australia Remembers series provides a plethora of opportunities for students to explore historical facts, traditions and personal meaning in relation to the studies of Anzac Day, Remembrance Day and the customs of the Australian Defence Force. Topics including the Anzac spirit, commemorative services, symbols and emblems, mottos, defence force practices and more can all be unpacked whilst utilising the Australia Remembers Books 1 and 2 resources in a child-friendly and engaging way. Here, we will explore a range of activities, including your own ‘Did You Know?’ facts about both commemorative and personal customs and traditions.

*Australia Remembers 2: Customs and Traditions of the Australian Defence Force is written by Allison Paterson, published by Big Sky Publishing.

 Key Curriculum Areas: Ages 6 -12 years

HASS – History

ACHASSI034, ACHASSI052 – Pose questions about past and present objects, people, places and events.

ACHASSK012 – How they, their family and friends commemorate past events that are important to them.

ACHASSK065 – Celebrations and commemorations in places around the world, including those that are observed in Australia.

HASS – Civics and Citizenship

ACHASSK093 – The different cultural, religious and/or social groups to which they and others in the community belong.

ACHASSK147 – The shared values of Australian citizenship and the formal rights and responsibilities of Australian citizens.

Visual Arts

ACAVAM108 – Create and display artworks to communicate ideas to an audience.

ACAVAM112 – Present artworks and describe how they have used visual conventions to represent their ideas.



What is a custom? What is a tradition? What are the differences between the two?

What is the importance of celebrating traditions?

What customs and traditions do you follow / celebrate in your family? What about at school?

Do you know of some customs and traditions that Australian people display? Make a list.

What kinds of values can we align with keeping customs and traditions? Eg. respect, discipline, dignity, etc. What kinds of values does the Australian Defence Force display?



Venn Diagram: Customs and Traditions

Define ‘customs’ and ‘traditions’. Compare the similarities and differences between customs and traditions and represent these understandings on a Venn Diagram.

Customs / Traditions Acrostic Poem

Using the letters C-U-S-T-O-M-S or T-R-A-D-I-T-I-O-N-S, write an acrostic poem with what these words mean to you and your family or school.

Did You Know? Poster / Booklet

Make a fold-out booklet or a poster with flaps and pictures to reveal interesting practices about the ADF’s customs and traditions and/or your own. Such examples might include, ways to commemorate Anzac Day, celebrating a cultural / family event, a favourite family tradition, clothes worn to an event, special food eaten at a celebration, particular activities or games undertaken, and so on.

Values: Writing Mottos

Discuss what values are important to you. What values are important to the ADF? Discuss the meaning of a ‘motto’. Write your own. You might like to use the shield template to write and decorate with your motto and symbols seen on a coat of arms.

Examples of mottos might include, ‘A Great Place To Be’, ‘Live Strong’, ‘A Family of Learning’, ‘One Person Can Make a Difference’


Visual Arts: Mosaic Art Piece

Choose a symbol, celebration or scene that shows your favourite part of a chosen custom or tradition. With small square paper tiles, create a colourful piece of artwork with a mosaic appearance. Display and share why this piece is important to you.


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